A Letter to My Younger Self

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

To the person that views the world through tainted vision,

I implore you to envision a collision of events made by your decisions.
Though experimental with the potential to be influential, it’s essential that you realise what you are now isn’t what you’re going to be.
It won’t apply, in time, that you tear your skin in an effort to minimize the reoccurring suicide that you fantasize.
Soon you will recognise, all the toxic behaviours and endeavours. You’ll turn yourself around, and you’ll be your own saviour.
People like you are born to survive.
When you look back in a few years time proud and alive, you’ll be thankful for the persistence of continuing existence and grant forgiveness for the mental resistance, to simply be you.

With Love,


This was a poem I wrote a few years ago while recovering from a deep depression that nearly took my life.

I was struggling with the reality of being Transgender and how I felt so undeserving of life. It was around the time I wrote this that my mindset started to change along with the changes in my body from undergoing medical transition.

While I was in a positive place writing it, I feel now more than ever thankful for the determination to survive those early years.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.



Aspiring Polymath | Freelance Writer | Business PhD Candidate | He/Him | alexanderbboswell.com

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