What Getting Hit By a Car Taught Me About Life

TL;DR Death is inevitable, live each day as if it was your last

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

It’s 2017, late spring, mid-to-late afternoon. I live in the city so there is always traffic of some kind. The air is heavy around here. I’ve been in the city centre to pick up a birthday present for one of my friends.

I just saw my bus around the corner waiting at a traffic light, so I know I’ve got to get to my stop real quick otherwise I’m going to miss it and be late for work. The road crossing is a lot further down the street and my bus stop is right there on the other side.

The traffic has stopped, my heart is pumping. This street is a wide one, it’s got four lanes on it. The lane in front of me is at standstill, I look right, I can’t see any cars coming down the second lane. I look to the other lanes, no cars yet. Just the one in front of me. I can hear the engines revving up getting ready for the light to turn green. I make a break for it.

The first step is in between the cars, look right. The second step, look left. The third step is out into the second lane.

I hear a loud thud. Nothing.

Thankfully I wasn’t seriously hurt in this accident, just some swelling, bruising and greater respect for the roads. In hindsight, it’s incredible that I risked my life just to catch a bus so that I wouldn’t be late for work.

After that, I realised that death could come at any moment for whatever reason. Had the accident been worse, with me ending up on a deathbed, would I have been proud of the life I lived until that point? I’m not so sure.

Now I know the value of my time here on this earth and every day I strive to make this world a better place than when I came into it. As well as that, no job is worth risking your life to get across the road sooner. Just be a little late. Better than never turning up again.

Aspiring Polymath | Freelance Writer | Business PhD Candidate | He/Him | alexanderbboswell.com

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